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Vues et vécus en Algérie et ailleurs. Forum où au cours des jours et du temps j'essaierai de donner quelque chose de moi en quelques mots qui, j'espère, seront modestes, justes et élégants dans la mesure du possible. Bienvenue donc à qui accède à cet espace et bienvenue à ses commentaires. Abdelmalek SMARI

Some sweet memories (4)

Dear Carmen,

I have read your mail with big pleasure and I thank you for your full trust. I love your life-style and so, like you, I love nature but alas I live in a big city and I work there too!

Work, as we know, is necessary but it's a non-indifferent source of fatigue, boredom and stress. However when I have a little and short time for vacation (the weekend), I become crazy with joy.

I hardly ever have these moments in the city. I also don't like staying at home. Each Friday my suitcase, my companion and I are ready for departure. Each time we have a new and different destination!

So each Saturday in the early morning we are already on the train or on the bus!

I always travel with my companion. We have a lot of friends in various parts of Italy and we often meet them and plan together some walks and excursions. So we go for walks in the woods or mountains, or we visit antique buildings and castles, which Italy is full of!

During the walk we prefer eating nothing but fruit, drinking nothing but fresh sparkling water or juice.

Some of our friends prefer listening to music, taking photos or chatting like ducks. I prefer the silence and the sounds of nature and my happiness, unique sweet music.

When I'm surrounded by nature, I like not only the day with its lights and colours, but I love the night too with its stars, its shadows and its mysteries...

In summer when the night is clear and hot, I like to lie down on the sand on the beach and watch the stars and try to count them. But when the moon is full or nearly full, I have the pleasure on admiring like in ecstasy the wonderful patches of light on the water surface and beyond the sea, around the mounts and the forest. How many time I must fight the sleep!

In the cold seasons, I prefer the light of the fireplace and stay there to observe the red tongues of flames  like beautiful girls with their shy faces dancing on the rhythm of the sweet music of the happiness.

Best wishes,


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