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Vues et vécus en Algérie et ailleurs. Forum où au cours des jours et du temps j'essaierai de donner quelque chose de moi en quelques mots qui, j'espère, seront modestes, justes et élégants dans la mesure du possible. Bienvenue donc à qui accède à cet espace et bienvenue à ses commentaires. Abdelmalek SMARI

Some sweet memories (3)


Dear Francesca,

Until now, many months have passed since we last met. Many months have passed since the day when I lost my job and leaved for ever you and my dear office.

Many months too since my last letter to you, for which I still expect your reply. But you, you haven’t sent me any answer!

I don’t know the reason for this “silence”: maybe you are so busy. Maybe you have already forgotten me, forgotten the friend and the colleague! Maybe your are simply lazy… anyway my letter is here to refresh your memory.

But first of all, I hope that you and my ex-colleagues are very well, and your company is prosperous. The health of the company, as you know, is very important for the preservation of your jobs and your career’s stabilities.

Now I’m writing to you this letter to remind you of your promise. Do you remember that you have promised me to present my manuscript to the director of that publishing house of Rome?

Please, try to remind Simone, because since that date, I have not received any information about this matter.

Please, if you really want to help me, do it in these times of big difficulties. Hard times in which I have no one to help me.

Please, do it for my manuscript. I know you like art and literature very much. I know too that I can count on you. Don’t leave me alone in this jungle called publishing.

Remember… and remember me.


Abdelmalek Smari


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