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Vues et vécus en Algérie et ailleurs. Forum où au cours des jours et du temps j'essaierai de donner quelque chose de moi en quelques mots qui, j'espère, seront modestes, justes et élégants dans la mesure du possible. Bienvenue donc à qui accède à cet espace et bienvenue à ses commentaires. Abdelmalek SMARI

Some sweet memories (1)

Once I had a favorite day of the week, now no. That day was Thursday. It was a beautiful day, especially the morning.

In Algeria, in those times the week-end was Thursday/Friday; now it’s Friday/Saturday. I had a job, my first one, and I was young and full of great expectations.

All the rest of the week I worked hard, from dawn to late evening, and far, so far, away from my place of residence.

So Wednesday evening I already started to enjoy the day after. The morning of Thursday arrived; I got up early and full of happiness. Then I put on my sportswear and went away by the countryside for a jogging.

At the return, I took a shower, changed and got out after having had a delicious and plentiful breakfast. I took the direction of the post office to withdraw some money and go to meet my girlfriend. We strolled in the small and narrow lanes of Constantine. We used to eat something together before leaving each other.

In the late afternoon I returned to my neighborhood and then I met my friends. We drank coffee or soda as we discussed some news of the day in Algeria or in the world. We also dreamed about a life of roses and songs. We often joked too. Sometimes we watched movies on television, but hardly ever we went to the cinema.

In the evening when staying at home I liked to watch television silently and lonely– again! – or read until late in the night.

Friday was always a horrible day for me, because it announced Saturday! It reminded me that the day after, the day of work and tiredness, was near.

Now, however, all of those days from Saturday to Friday became dearer to me and I miss them: I regret so much my youth.

Abdelmalek Smari

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